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A company is a system that is subject to the effects and interactions of its elements. The path to economic success is taken with due regard for systemic principles. Changes, regardless of whether they are internal or external to the company, have an impact on the entire system.

Systemic-phenomenological perspectives in corporate structures look at the movements and dynamics of a system without judgement, personal opinions or attitudes. System-theoretical insights regarding the corporate structure lead to that order which results in the individual parts of the system being able to act and in their power to realise their potential.

Leading systemically and development-oriented means focusing on humanity, emotion and relationship while providing the system with rules (corporate culture) and boundaries and stimulating change through targeted intervention. This combination creates a highly effective perspective of leadership that is both human and performance-oriented.


Systemic Leadership – Team Coaching – Employee Consulting

Benefit from the most holistic CONCEPT for COACHING & CONSULTING. Systemic knowledge at all levels – your solid basis for economic growth and success.


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Coaching & Seminars


Managers are the service providers for their employees. In their power and aware of their role, they can set the right impulses for the company and make the best possible use of their employees. Resource- and solution-oriented to personal & economic success.


Coaching & Development

Team Development Conflict Resolution

Conflicts in teams generate 500,000€ in conflict costs every year. Systemic team coaching identifies the cause of the conflict and works together with the team members to find a resource-oriented solution.


Consulting / EAP

Employee Counselling EAP

Stress is the cause of mental and physical illnesses such as burnout & cardiovascular disease. Absenteeism causes annual costs of € 5.15 billion € in Austria. Employee counselling is health care. Completely in the sense of: Prevention rather than cure

I believe that managers today should devote at least 30-50% of their working time not to the development of products, services and processes, but to people, teams and organisational cultures. (...) It is like the woodsman who saws and saws - and far too rarely sharpens his own saw. Leadership is sharpening the saw for better success."



Arrange a no-obligation, free discovery session and
inquire about systemic approaches to solving problems in your company.

My clients

  • have recognised that old company structures, in which employees are purely recipients of orders, no longer work.
  • value their employees and want to create a good climate to increase performance and motivation
  • want to achieve economic success
  • see themselves as a system and recognise their employees as valuable elements
  • are aware of their multi-layered responsibilities
  • want to reduce sick leave, staff turnover, presenteeism and thus costs
  • want to offer their employees holistic health care

Marlene Lindmair has the super power to help you peel back all the layers of what you see as complicated until you are left with the simple. Every session I have done with her has made a huge difference, releasing limiting patterns and beliefs that have prevented me from growing in my project. It has helped me to believe in myself and overcome all the resistance that prevented me from achieving my goals.


Professional support,
where in-house resources run out

Arrange a no-obligation, free discovery session and
inquire about systemic approaches to solving problems in your company.

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