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Employees leave managers and toxic work environments. Loyalty comes from appreciation and systemic order. A central component of systemic leadership is development-oriented leadership. In modern organisations, the boss is no longer a commander but an observer. Since the systemic leader knows that companies as complex systems have their own dynamics and cannot be led in the classical sense, he focuses on analysing the system and setting impulses. Systemic and development-oriented leadership means focusing on humanity, emotion and relationship while providing the system with rules (corporate culture) and boundaries and stimulating change through targeted intervention. This combination creates a highly effective perspective of leadership that is both human and performance-oriented. You have come to the right place if you are wondering:

What does the system need in order for each of its parts (each person employed in the company as well as the clients/customers) to be in harmony and for the system, consisting of its individual parts, to develop its highest potential?

Marlene Lindmair

Coaching & Consulting

My clients are companies that are aware of the sensitivity of a company system. The focus is on systemic connections and the appreciation of all elements belonging to the system.

Together we work on the well-being of leaders, employees and the company itself. I help companies run smoothly and establish sustainable success.


Lead systemically

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Systemic Leadership

Learn the basics of systemic leadership.
Identify what your system needs.
Support your employees to work self-effectively.

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Team Development
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employee assistance program


Your employees come to work as human beings. Besides all their talents and skills, they also bring their problems. Support them to come to work with joy and to work in a motivated and performance-oriented way.

If one of my employees quits, it costs me 16500€. I therefore make sure to create a working environment for my employees where they like to stay. For me, this also includes taking care of their psychological well-being and providing them with employee counseling.


Benefits of systemic leadership & employee counseling

Reducing costs

Conflict costs, sick leave, staff turnover, etc.

ROI of 3 - 6

for every € invested in the health of employees

Performance & Motivation

Organisation, appreciation, loyalty, good working atmosphere


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